Environnement S.A 推出新商标

日期:2018年1月4日 16:46

Environnement S.A unveils its new Brand

Environnement S.A 推出新商标


Within its development strategy and desire to unite its technologies, production sites and sales subsidiaries, the Environnement S.A Group is introducing its global commercial brand envea™. The Group hopes to provide a more complete vision of its monitoring solutions, for the benefit of its customers, together with its high added value services. Its high precision monitoring analyzers allows the compliance with current environmental regulations and contribute to the optimization of industrial processes for a better efficiency, raw materials and energy savings,reduction of environmental impacts...

依据自身的发展战略,Environnement S. A 集团正在推出全球统一的商业品牌envea™ 以整合集团内的技术、生产基地和全球各销售子公司。集团希望为客户提供完整的监测解决方案的同时,也为客户提供高附加值的服务。其高精度的监测分析仪在满足当前环保法规要求的同时,还可以协助客户优化工艺、提高效率、节约原料和能源、降低对环境的影响。


Following the development of its new range of "ecodesigned" ambient air analyzers, the company has setup a new organization focused on its three core businesses: Ambient Air, Industry & Process, and Emissions. The Group is accelerating its organic development and growth through an ambitious unified Research, Development & Innovation program, and is also continuously targeting firstclass acquisitions.

随着全新生态学设计系列(e 系列)的环境空气分析仪的推出,集团设置了新的组织架构,未来集团将聚焦于三块业务:环境空气、工业&过程、以及烟气排放。通过雄心勃勃的协同研究、开发和创新项目,集团正在加速构建组织架构和扩展业务,同时继续寻找高质量的收购目标。


Undeniably, with the arrival of companies such as PCME Ltd (UK) – continuous particulate emission measurement systems, flue gas flow meters and devices for measuring the performance of industrial filtration systems – SWR engineering Gmbh (Germany) – systems for the detection and measurement of bulk solids – and TDL Ltd (UK) – gas analyzers based on the use of highresolution lasers – synergy is materializing! Projects and skills are being combined, streamlining and accelerating the development of the most advanced analysis technologies for gas, flow and particulate measurements.

随着一些公司的并购加入(如:PCME Ltd (英国) 连续颗粒物排放测量系统、烟气流量计和工业过滤系统性能的测量设备;SWR engineering Gmbh (德国) 固态粉末流量计;以及TDL Ltd (英国) 基于高分辨率可调谐激光气体分析仪),协同效应开始显现!目前,集团正在将项目和技术结合起来,精简并加速发展最先进的气体、流量、以及颗粒物浓度测量的分析技术。


François Gourdon, Environnement S.A’s President, affirms: "The assertion of our visual identity and the deployment of the enveaTM brand, support our global development strategy and growth ambitions in both our traditional and complementary markets. Our objective to reach an annual turnover close to € 80 million is about to be achieved, the group is preparing to exceed its target of € 100 million by 2020."

Environnement S.A 集团董事长François Gourdon先生说:我们对市场敏锐性和enveaTM 品牌的发展将支持集团在传统市场和新增市场上的全球发展战略和增长计划。我们将很快实现每年8000 万欧元的销售收入,2020 年将实现销售收入超过1 亿欧元的目标。


The launch of its commercial brand is an exciting and significant milestone in the Group's history, which will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.



To discover the new image of the Environnement S.A Group, visit our new web page www.envea.global

要了解Environnement S.A集团的新形象,可以访问新网页 www.envea.global


Poissy, France, 01 January 2018


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